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In every arcade room, there’s always that one particular game that is always there, Pinball. Everyone loved playing it as it was one of the first few games that let you have some kind of bragging rights with having the highest score, and the most common way that the game boasts it is by digitally displaying it for the whole room to see. Anyway, there’s quite a lot of people that still love to play Pinball, but years have passed, and the game that everyone used to love is almost forgotten.

As of late, Pinball machines have become vintage items that some rich people would love to add to their collection, of course, with a hefty price to it. However, we’re now in the technological age, and almost everything is now digital. Creating software became fairly easy over the years as the internet is flooded with guides and instructions on how to do a specific thing. Moreover, we’re going to talk about how to create your own digital game, thus resulting in a spectacularly enjoyable pc pinball game.

What You’re Going to Need

For this to work, you would need to check off every item on the list as each one of them is needed in creating a pc pinball game. Let’s start with the first one, this is actually a no-brainer, a computer. 1 Gig of Ram is fine, but 2 is the perfect one. Secondly, you’re going to need a fairly decent graphics card with dual display capability and a relatively decent processor. The third item on the are two monitors; one for the playing field and the other will be used to display the scoreboard and to show the rewards for reaching a specific score.

The fourth item on the list is arcade buttons. We’re going to make a game like the one from the past but with little technological improvements. Which makes LCD monitors and physical arcade buttons a good combo. And lost but not least, an emulation software that would help with the development of the game and dress it up as an appealing game field. However, if you’re a genius in programming, you could just make it from scratch.

Live Sex Cams As A Reward?

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you, it’s exactly that. To be more Frank, creating your own digital pinball machine does have its quirks. Since you’re the one developing the game, then you’re your own boss, which means you can do anything that you can possibly want to make the game to whatever you like it to be. In a game of Pinball, it’s all about high scores, but you can program your game to reward its players with a free striptease show of a really hot babe in the form of a live sex cam.

You make a somewhat erotic pinball game in which you can apply a reward system for every milestone. For instance, when you reach 10,000 points, you get to see a really hot babe taking off their top, and when you reach 25,000 points, you get to see everything underneath her clothing. As the score progresses, the reward becomes better, let’s just say that when you reach 150,000 points, you can finally see the girl in the live sex cam fully nude. To add a little spice to it, you might even enjoy the show as she pleases herself in front of you.

Setting Up The Monitors

The first thing you should do is set up your monitors. Head to the Control Panel of your Computer, then Appearance, then Themes, and then Screen Resolution. Click “Identify” to make sure the playing field is registered as 1, and the back display is registered as 2. Then press on Monitor 2 and search “Extend my screen windows …” Then adjust the display for both displays to the true display of the monitor 1 to make sure the monitor 2 is on the left side of the monitor one.

The Programming Part

This is going to be the hard part. If you’re a real genius when it comes to computer programming, then this part is going to be easy. However, if you’re not, all you need is a little patience and some reading comprehension as there are a ton of guides scattered all around the internet regarding this. However, since there’s also a lot of software out there that can help you create a pc pinball game, you may find each and every one of them to be quite unique. The way of making a program, or the whole process, is different from the other, so pick a guide that you can understand and follow through.

Building The Cabinet

Don’t worry if you’re not good at building or creating something, especially in this particular task. As you’re going to strategically cut pieces of wood and stick them all together to create a cabinet to place all the things you’ve previously accomplished. Once again, thanks to the internet. Because there are guides and images that you can find online regarding how to build a cabinet for your pinball machine. All you have to do is to find the right template for you to follow and you’ll be on your way.

Putting It All Together

Once everything is done, double-check all the things that you’ve made, you don’t want to take it all apart after you’ve finished putting them all together when you find out there’s something wrong. Anyway, you should start by placing your previously built cabinet to a place where it would match the rest of the room. For instance, your entertainment room or even your personal game room. Once the location is set, gather all the things, and you’ll begin putting it all together, piece by piece. After that, plug it in, and you now have a pc pinball game for your family and friends to enjoy.


Unless you’re a computer genius, creating a pc pinball game could be quite a challenging task. However, if you follow this ultimate guide into creating a digital pinball machine, you’ll be able to enjoy the game in no time. It can be a little trophy of yours as this game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can put it in your bedroom, living room, or even your personal game room. Build one now and enjoy what you’ve been missing.

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