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Originally released in 1995 on Windows 95, Space Cadet was one of the games that was included along with the OS until Windows 7. Space Cadet along with Solitaire, Minesweeper and some other games is a large part of many childhoods, and I’m sure still holds a dear place in your heart. While all other games were made by Microsoft, Space Cadet is not, which is part of the problem that lies behind it not being included in the newer versions of Windows.

In his 2012 developer blog post on MSDN, Raymond Chen, who has been working at Windows for over 25 years explains in detail why the game wasn’t included in Windows XP 64-bit, mainly to debunk certain speculation that it was done for legal reasons. One of the issues was that the ball behaved like a “ghost”, falling through objects instead of bouncing against them, which was pretty much game-breaking.

As he explains, they were trying to make it work by reprogramming the game, but despite porting several million lines of original code that was written back in 1995 by an outside company, it was too bug-ridden. They still had a lot to port, but no one at Microsoft understood the code, let alone could afford to spend time trying to understand it, so the game was doomed from the start and as such they have made the decision to not include it anymore. He, as many others are sad that, safe to say, such a big part of every gamer’s childhood is not included in the Operative System.

The main reason you are here is the fact that the game can still very much be played on your new PC. No matter if you’ve got Windows 7, 8 or 10, it will work flawlessly, all you need to do is head over to groovypost.com and download the RAR file. Simply run the executable file without extracting it and in a heartbeat you will have the game installed on your computer.

In case you are having trouble finding the game, it appears under Games tab, simply named “Pinball”. Space Cadet might look different from what you remember it since the resolution is locked at 640×480, compared to what we’re used today, but I can assure you it’s exactly the way it was.

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